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Authentic Life Styleyou

Starry Sky

My Soul is too cosmic to fit Captivity.

Our vision is to raise a community where the individuals have reached their Higher Self.

We are those unique individuals who cherish the Breath within us and value our way of thinking as the Breath is the very piece and aspect of the ultimate source of all powers and creations. We know and understand the immensity of the Soul. We refuse to reduce It to a theory that society or religious system deemed as right or wrong to hold humanity's true-Self in prison.


ALSyou is an online community of spirituality, psychology, social psychology, culture, education, health, poetry, and art. Also, fashion and online shopping. It began on May 17, 2022. When we realize that there are way too many organizations and groups of people determined to hinder the human Soul from developing and living a fulfilling life for their gain. We have been tense to talk about God and spirituality. And we finally decided to step in to help the individuals who feel trapped and willing to release themselves. Also, the individuals who, like we were, did not fit any of the religious systems but had impulses about knowing the universe and elevating their souls, and owning their mentalities. We will share our understanding of famous Biblical allegories and details about our religious and spiritual journeys: the steps and the paths leading to our Soul growth and freedom. As the human species are scientific beings, psychology will play a critical part in understanding who and what we are as realities.

We intend to write books, blogs, articles, videos, and courses that will provoke you to click with the Soul; to align the Soul, the Mind, and the Body to reach the Higher Self. Why become part of the ALSyou community? Because perception is the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. It is the process of interpreting. When a person sees through or with borrowed eyes and hears with borrowed ears. In addition to that, your knowledge is a gift from another person. You are most likely to be unconscious of any manipulation of the views. The majority of humanity sees the world through the lens of another. Ask yourself about the authenticity and quality of your self-esteem and perception of things. Can your self-esteem be taken from you?

Nonetheless, when a person sees, hears, and interprets through their natural ability to see and hear, they also interpret through their innate power of observation. You become conscious of who you are. You know that social or religious systems cannot define nor label you as such. You become self-sufficient. You live a content and fulfilling life. ALSyou mere mission is to help you exploit yourself and encourage you to accept your emotions and feelings. Also, To link you with like-minded and mindful people. To help you to find your wings and fly like a Phoenix.

Blurry Shadows


Our logo came from a variety of inspirations. We wanted to have a logo not only that matches our cause but also details our mission. Our mission is to build a community for all souls, mostly women of all ages, who feel like they cannot connect with the religious system or other social coteries because of their uncommon or contrary perception of life and are often misunderstood by others.


Love and confidence are the two pillars of our cause. We firmly promote self-love, love for one another, love for the universe, and most of all love for your Spiritual entities.

The pink color symbolizes Love, and the heels symbolize Confidence, only in confidence an individual can stand unshakably tall with their heads up.


Why the monkey image representation? We are living in an era where almost no human is comfortable with their appearance. And they are investing large sums of money to remake how they look. We do not condemn anybody who chooses to correct or remake their body, but we encourage women to love themselves on their natural shape above any modification. Most often the monkey appearance is used to refer to an unattractive person. Yet, very rare people deem monkeys attractive to the eyes, we believe that the monkey image makes an excellent match to convey our message. Another person’s eyes should not be the scale that weighs your worth. It is you that must determine your value. The fact that monkeys have a tail that they carry behind them. We all have baggage, whether we called them past, experience, or misfortune. We carry them wherever we go. With, do not allow your tail to hold you behind. Last note, monkeys are social beings. They live in clans and so do humans. Mankind are social beings, except that it is hard for many of us to fit into most clans. Therefore, we find ourselves isolated.


The Light bulb, inspiration came from observing how vital it is for cars to have headlights, and each of the headlights symbol has a different meaning and uses in unalike circumstances. It does not matter how many cars are on the road at the same time. Each car needs its headlights. You are the chauffeur of your life, you cannot rely on other people's light to illuminate your way to your life mission. It is a must for each person to carry their own light. 

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